The Historic Landscape of Poynton Park Under Threat

This mid 18th century landscape will be changed forever if Cheshire East Council’s proposal for dam wall improvements goes ahead.

Built in the mid 1700s, the dam wall embankment between Poynton Pool and the A523 London Road has, to our knowledge, never overflowed or been breached, but on the basis of a recent inspection the Council are proposing the removal of trees along 480 metres of the Park boundary.  Under the current proposal, the trees will be removed and never replaced because it is said there is a risk of trees damaging the dam. Instead, the Council are suggesting planting trees in the neighbouring town of Disley.

Poynton Pool
Poynton Park boundary trees along London Road

When these photographs were taken at 4:30 on a cold November afternoon, there were, on a rough count, between 50 and 100 recreational users in the Park.  From children to pensioners, able bodied and those with reduce mobility, the whole community benefits from these trees, either their huge contribution to the landscape setting of the Park, or as they walk, cycle or drive along the tree-lined London Road and lakeside path to and from Poynton.

Recreating at Poynton Park
Local residents enjoying the historic landscape of Poynton Park

Setting aside the diverting of finite financial resources into this project, it seems that any reasonable and objective cost benefit analysis would establish that the cost of this proposal is far too high in terms of impact on the landscape and ecology alone?